Darfresh® on Tray

CRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh® on Tray is the first vacuum skin packaging system to offer 100% top film utilisation, meaning zero scrap and zero top film waste. 

* DARFRESH® is a registered trademark of Cryovac Inc., a subsidiary of Sealed Air Corporation

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The unique G.Mondini tray sealing technology is applied to pre-made trays to increase output vs. standard tray skin and to operate at speeds comparable to standard MAP systems.

The Darfresh® on Tray vacuum skin packaging solution has been designed to gently wrap around every contour of the food product, without distorting its shape. The top web and tray are then heat-sealed together right up to the edge of the product to produce a securely and hygienically sealed pack. All these features deliver an outstanding pack presentation - increasing consumer visual appeal and product sales.

Thanks to the G.Mondini Trave tray sealer range specifically designed to run Darfesh® on tray, operational costs are reduced whilst efficiency is increased by means of a new patented top film cutting technology and an unrivalled vacuum process, which makes the whole process faster and more efficient than standard tray skin and more sustainable with less material consumption.

The Darfresh® on Tray vacuum skin packaging solution is well suited for case-ready and e-Commerce, across different market segments, ranging from fresh red meat, poultry and seafood to processed meat, dairy and alternative protein.

Developed in partnership between G.Mondini S.p.A. and Cryovac® Sealed Air

01 Best Pack Quality

Best vacuum, best film adhesion, best easy peel, best finishing, best shelf-life, versus standard market reference

02 Lowest Cost per Unit
Zero Top and bottom waste, Lowest labour, Best Automation, Best OEE
03 Highest Throughput
Up to 100ppm - increase throughput 1-2 cycles per
04 Best Flexibility thanks to a variety of support available
Plastic or Cardboard Pre made or Platformed
Details Details

Combining a revolutionary pre-made tray system with versatile vacuum skin, Darfresh® on Tray still delivers the best skin innovation in the market after 10 years from its launch and has become the World-Class System and Industry Standard for vacuum skin packaging products.

Building on the flexibility of the G. Mondini tray sealing PLATFORM technology, Darfresh® on Tray represents the differentiated approach to Vacuum Skin Packaging, delivering increased line packaging speed vs. standard tray skin thanks to an innovative film cutting process removing top film skeleton wastage and a new improved vacuum process for optimal productivity thanks to a fast and efficient vacuum step.

Darfesh® on tray also benefits from the flexibility of G.Mondini TRAVE® technology, and is applicable on a range of pre-made trays and supports based on plastics or sustainable and renewable paperboard materials.

The key differentiators of Trave DOT machines are: 

  1. the unique cutting process, delivering zero skeleton film waste, based on following innovation
  2. elimination of blades into vacuum tool
  3. cold film cutting
  4. increase of tool space usage
  5. elimination of scrap
  6. the on-line Darfresh® on Tray Vacuum valve for a more effective vacuum cycle which delivers faster evacuation 
  7. a process where vacuum continues until Darfresh® valve closes delivering an outstanding product definition 

The Integral vacuum technology leads to a 40% improvement in packaging speeds compared to alternative systems, meaning higher productivity for the same ecological footprint. 




Whether it’s beef, pork or veal, in sub-primal or portioned cuts, G.Mondini delivers a total packaging system, keeping your meat fresh for longer.

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