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G.Mondini 22 September 2021
Today we celebrate SLICEFRESH® - a sustainable technology with 360 degree print - opening up a new world of branding opportunities. #gmondini #slicefresh
G.Mondini 20 September 2021
The StretchSeal is an high visibility system using stretch shrink films. It delivers Modern Merchandising for Quality Chicken. #streatchseal #gmondini
G.Mondini 17 September 2021
Hovelsrud’s Premium organic chicken breast and legs are now packaged by Slimfresh® technology. #gmondini #successtories #Hovelsrud
G.Mondini 16 September 2021
Hovelsrud is one of the large farms on Helgøya in Lake Mjøsa with a long tradition of producing high quality food. #gmondini #successtories #Hovelsrud
G.Mondini 14 September 2021
OEE allows Plant Managers to detect and correct problems and waste that would otherwise go undetected, such as accumulated downtime from micro-stops, low quality product waste and maintenance downtime costs.
G.Mondini 14 September 2021
OEE is the ratio of Fully Productive Time to Planned Production Time. #gmondini #OEE #availability
G.Mondini 09 September 2021
We are the industry leader in MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging - an industry standard completely developed and led by G.Mondini. #gmondini #map #trave
G.Mondini 03 September 2021
As a family-owned business, we see each project as a statement of our company. #gmondini #technology #security