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G.Mondini 20 July 2020
Paperseal®: the green smart generation. This new system expands the opportunities to replace MAP and VSP plastic trays with barrier lined cardboard. The process operates by fabricating a MAP tray from a pre-cut flat cardboard, which is formed and a barrier liner automatically applied in one step process. 
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G.Mondini 17 July 2020
Slicefresh® bring the benefits of using flat cardboard supports to sensitive sliced products packaged in MAP® Increased consumer convenience in re-closable version to help in reduction of consumer food waste
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G.Mondini 06 July 2020
With Trave® Tray Sealer we created a flexible tool that can continually respond to rapid changes in food packaging technologies, market demands and new sustainable materials.
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G.Mondini 03 July 2020
The new Paperseal® tray solution utilizes paperboard produced from renewable fiber sourced from sustainably-managed forests, and the tray is designed for the film liner to be easily separated from the paperboard after use, such that the paperboard portion of the tray can be recycled, contributing to a circular economy.
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G.Mondini 29 June 2020
With Slicefresh®, the flat cardboard support designed to be RECYCLABLE gives consumer possibility to easily separate the liner from the cardboard and place into suitable waste recovery stream.
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G.Mondini 26 June 2020
Slimfresh®, combining a fully printed flat cardboard support with a thin high barrier liner and Darfresh® on Tray technology, opening new opportunities in pack styling, merchandising and communication.
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G.Mondini 22 June 2020
Paperseal®, is in the running for the Award for best packaging 2020, as it has the flexibility to run with different liners and is suitable for any closing format or product. Recommended for cheese, fresh meats, processed meats, ready-made products, frozen foods, snacks, salads and fruit.
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G.Mondini 19 June 2020
Slicefresh®️ was developed to increase pack rigidity and expand opportunity for retail merchandising in MAP.
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