success story


In 1972 Giovanni Mondini had the vision to create tray sealing solutions
for local frozen ready meal producers in Italy.
Now a world leader in tray sealing technology, the company has grown each year driven
by the commitment to quality of design, highest engineering standards,
innovation and a non negotiable approach to product safety. 

For almost 50 years we have approached each customer project as a journey from
idea or concept through to production reality with the whole Mondini team
bringing value to our customers and their customers.

As a family owned business we see each project as a statement of our
company. We pride ourselves in working closely with all
participants of the project, understanding individual needs,
working in an open and collaborative way to ensure success.

Creativity and innovation in system design are core
competencies of our business obliging us to look at each
project with 360° vision. This approach ensures the fine details that make
all the difference are always included and given our full attention.

The Family Team

Giovanni and Jole Mondini - Founders

Cristina Mondini

Nazzareno Mondini

Melisenda Mondini

Paolo Mondini