G Mondini have been delivering tray sealer solutions for almost 50 years. Working closely with customers to understand their needs, our experienced and qualified project managers develop a 360o approach for each project. Building on our expertise in processes and technology we design world class solutions with an eye to safety, packaging design and performance.

3 Key Project Milestones

For G Mondini developing a constant relationship with our customers is fundamental to realise a successful project.


Starting at the first “kick off” meeting with the customer we establish a lasting collaboration to understand in detail their expectations and needs.


After an in-depth technical design phase, a customer team meeting is organised to start work on the project.


At the last milestone we perform the Final Acceptance Test (FAT) where we confirm customer acceptance with machine performance against the agreed objectives of the project.


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Every project is a source of pride with each line built and tested in our modern plant by the highly skilled assembly team. They guarantee everything is working perfectly and once approved by the customer the line is carefully packaged ready to be shipped to its final destination. There it will be positioned, assembled and commissioned by our experienced technicians to ensure it delivers the performance it was designed for. We are only satisfied once the machine becomes an integral part of the new production chain.

From small businesses to large multinationals the brand G Mondini is a trusted guarantee of machine output, reliability, safety, quality and packaging technologies that ensure complete security of the final product.  Our aim is to exceed the challenges expressed by customers with flexibility especially in respect of the environment with an awareness of the need to deliver sustainable solutions. These qualities are essential for the main food markets we serve in Ready Meals, Protein, Pet Food, Fruit and Vegetables.


G Mondini has extensive sales networks in Europe, Asia, Oceania, United States, and South America to ensure we are always available and in direct contact with customers.

In 2018 over 300 projects were created and delivered to satisfied customers around the world, that is our testimony to the reliability and uniqueness of our machinery.