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The new generation compact tray sealer: Cigno® is efficient, flexible, ​durable and cost-effective.​

  • Intuitive​
  • Fast​
  • Accessible

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Focus on Cigno®

The new smart generation

Its ergonomic design ensures downtime is kept to a minimum thanks to the die change systems which can be converted easily and quickly to other pack formats. ​

Cigno®'s distinctive design allows complete accessibility - minimising maintenance and simplifying cleaning.

Plug and Play

  1. Reduced complexity
  2. Accessible skill level, minimum training required
  3. Intuitive functioning
  4. Format change with no tools and no trolley

Easy to move

Cigno® is the most manageable solution. You can put the wheels on the machine for greater flexibility of use.


There are hardly any limits to the packing opportunities - for any kind of trays made from plastic or cardboard.​

Efficiency at the heart of this new development to deliver a technologically advanced MAP (Gas Flush) tray-sealer machine delivering maximum effectiveness with lean design and accessibility.​

Cigno® will adapt to all food industry market requirements in term of flexibility, trouble-free operation, durability and operational efficiency.​

  • Ergonomic design​
  • Perfect stability (available on wheels)​
  • Lightweight "swan neck" structure​
  • Ease of inspection​
  • Fully washable structure​
  • Wide range of settable parameters​
  • Dedicated servomotors for pushingarm ​movements

Essential engineering​

  • no vacuum pump,
  • no compressed air,
  • reducing costs related to maintenance and operations

​No compromise​

  • on hygienic standard and product shelf life.

Lenght [mm] 1590 (belts optional)
Width [mm] 840
Height [mm] 1590
Weight [kg] < 600
Height [mm] 1590
Working height [mm] 940 < h < 980
Maximum output cycles/minutes 30
Fully washable structure IP67
Cut Inside and Outside cut
Tray dimension from 130 x 130 to 260 x 190 – 100 (mm)
Crimping (L-closure) ALU

The innovative augmented reality to make maintenance easy and quick.
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