Highly Efficient Services

G. Mondini has always pursued the best possible performance for its customers. Thanks to our newly designed IoT implementation, we can now provide you with deeper insight on the pivotal processes that lead to the perfect packaging solution.

The mission of G. Mondini’s digital suite is to ensure the best possible performance via:

  1. OEE monitoring
  2. Downtime root cause analysis
  3. Smart engineering
  4. Live machine control and monitoring
  5. Real time production insight
  6. Production quality analysis
Smart Engineering
  1. Live notifications
    Customisable mail notice on the occurrence of trigger events (e.g. low KPI).
  2. Machine telemetry history
    Insight in machine data for maintenance and service. Reduced MTTR.
  3. Alarm history
    Better machine understanding. Focused service and maintenance. Reduced MTTR.
Remote Production Control
  1. Live line monitoring
    Remote access to live production data.
  2. Daily production efficiency report
    Daily summary with achieved production, OEE, downtime, alarms, …
  3. Production trends
    Analysis on production trends and efficiency. Better production and service management.
  4. Live notifications
    Customisable mail notice on the occurrence of trigger events (e.g. low KPI).
  5. Shift efficiency tracking & benchmark
    Shift productivity control and benchmark. Better shift management.
  1. Product quality tracking & analysis
    Neural system for quality control: product, skin, label. Statistical analysis on reject reasons. Reject database for quality proof for customers and suppliers.
  2. Machine operator efficiency monitoring
    Activity benchmark. Target training services.
  3. Shift efficiency tracking & benchmark
    Shift productivity control and benchmark. Better shift management.

The daily production efficiency report provides an automatic and quick insight into the packaging line. The key data of the previous production day, such as OEE, most impactful alarms and machine status, are all accessible with a simple glance at the report.

Employing this tool will allow the plant manager to be up-to-date with the latest information for better production schedule and management.

Our new web application provides a fast and live overview of the production, status and efficiency for all the connected G. Mondini machines, which can also be installed in different plants. This cloud-based solution provides safe and regulated access from any device. Data access helps the engineering team in identifying any machine drift, allowing immediate actions, improving production quality and reducing the machine downtime. Exploiting the data history, it is possible to extract a precise reconstruction of the machine failures, reducing the Mean Time To Repair.

Root cause downtime analysis is now possible, thanks to the new supervision tools. The platform guarantees access to the history of each alarm, and thanks to the Pareto analysis technique combined with the alarm trends, it is possible to identify the most impact reasons for every downtime. This allows focus on the efficiency loss reasons; improving the overall efficiency and increasing the insight into the equipment.

Each machine status is recorded and can be accessed at a glance. This visual tool is perfect to have a quick overview and a rapid understanding of the machine's working condition during the different production days. The OEE and production data easy access allows a clear insight and knowledge of machines and efficiency trends, production control and analysis. Plant Managers can rely on precise data to schedule their activities and to monitor the production output and efficiency.

Custom KPI analysis is now possible with the new KPI analysis module. Combined with the live notifications app, this allows real-time knowledge of a KPI drift, ensuring a quick response and reducing the MTBF and MTTR. Better machine maintenance means reduced operational costs and higher efficiency. Via the new integrated calendar it's possible to schedule and plan services, maintenance sessions and define Operators' shifts. Better organisation leads to high quality data and higher efficiency.

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