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Quality Control Vision System

Neural delivers high throughput quality control at high speed, accuracy and reliability via deep learning algorithms. ​

  • Non-destructive inspection​
  • No operator training​ required
  • Full product/pack compliance

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Focus on NEURAL

Neural Technology

Neural delivers high throughput quality control at high speed, accuracy and reliability via deep learning algorithms.It is a stand alone unit easily integrated in your current production line. The essential and compact design are key to the system success.Deep learning algorithms are used to improve the performance of the analysis allowing the system to succeed where traditional vision systems cannot.

Neural ensures significant advantages in terms of line management and product traceability thanks to its capability to acquire and store datas of the classified products.


Deep learning algorithm for quality control.


Continuous training to increase system accuracy.


Product attributes identification and categorisation.

Neural can be trained to recognize a variety of product and pack defects including:

  • Incorrect shape and color
  • Holes
  • Lack of vacuum
  • Contamination
  • Wrinkles
  • Mismatching label codes

The recognition of other types of defect can be implemented according to specific requirements.

System features also include:

  • Statistical analysis on production
  • Automatic reject of bad products
  • Image storing
  • Real-time feedback to line operator
  • Rejects classification
  • Full procedures automation

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The G.Mondini product range includes various packaging technologies and automation solutions. Thanks to our extensive competence in terms of lines, we can integrate all modules into complete solutions, guaranteeing high levels of operational, process and efficiency safety.

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