The New App

The new App

Be up to speed the moment you walk into your factory.

Improve the efficiency of your lines through a comprehensive understanding of their performance.

To facilitate the work of our partners and to improve their efficiency and efficacy, we have studied and produced a new App, which allows user to constantly view and monitor the operation of our machines.

A glance is enough to see, in real time, if the machine is running properly or, in case of failure, to understand the extent of the damage and take the steps required for a timely resolution.

The pages related to Production, Alarm and Logger will help you trace all the modifications, the issues and the details of production of your machines, generating a Machine History which is always accessible on your mobile device.

    From this section it is possibile to see all the machines available on the floor, all identified by the IP and the serial number, and to select the machine you want to analyse.
  2. LIVE
    From this section you can understand at a glance if the machine you have selected is operating or if there is an issue either up-stream or down-stream on that machine. The number of packs produced from recipe start, average speed in the last 15 minutes and production efficiency are also displayed in this section.
    The production data section allows you to trace the efficiency of the machine at specific dates and times and to understand in a simple and clear way the production, pause, alarm, maintenance, well and off-line times of the machine, thanks to visual explanation through graphs. The data related to the efficiency, the number of pieces produced and the production speed referring to specific dates and times are also accessible.
  1. ALARM
    In this section you can both check the alarm which is displayed in real time in the Production Data Live page and query the history of the alarms related to the machine you have selected. The failures are all complete with date, time, group, number and description to identify them.
    The Logger section traces back all the events generated by any operator, clearly showing the user name, the type of event (recipe or parameter change) and the time.
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