Trave 1400

Trave 1400
Innovative design and refined engineering deliver performance without compromise
The TRAVE-1400 created to be the heart of any packaging system. The design and construction means this tray sealer can handle the demands of all industrial environments and deliver secure packages across each machine cycle. The attention to details means this is the most hygienic tray sealer on the market guaranteeing customers the best possible solution.
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Unique Mondini screw lifting system delivers high sealing force and precision for controlling the consistency of all sealing parameters
With the PLATFORM technology as standard on these tray sealers delivers unequalled flexibility over a vast range of packaging options
Attention to detail of design and use of quality components at every level of assembly delivers our most reliable and robust tray sealer available today.
Hygienic design with no closed cavities eliminating dirt traps and one main electrical cabinet at top of machine allows full wash down capability
Technical data

Number of trays per tool is calculated using actual tray dimensions
Type of product   Heat Seal   Pre-cut Lid Vacuum & Gas
02<1%G Closure
G Closure L Closure
Solid 17 15 12,5 17 16
Liquid 10 10 8 10 10
1 Avoidance of contact between extended flat surfaces
2 No closed cavities which can trap water and dirt
3 Enclosed motors
4 No sensors below travelling plane
5 reduction of exposed nuts and bolts to increase ease of cleaning
6 One main electrical cabinet situated on top of machine
1 High duty system which is electromechanical
2 One ball screw controls the up and down motion of the sealing tool maintaining absolute control of the tool position
3 Sealing force generated ios 8,000kg whilst ensuring high speed, absolute consistency in sealing force accuracy in positioning
4 Tool construction in anodized aluminum with all parts machined from single piece to secure accuracy in sealing performance
5 Each cavity supports the base of the tray edge with T section gasket to recover different thickness in packaging materials
6 Complete tool and format changeover in 10 minutes
1 Stainless steel for main body
2 Anodised aluminium tool
3 Belts in polyurethane
4 Low maintenance design as system being mainly mechanical with regular greasing
5 Machine is CE marked and comes with declaration of conformity