The value of after-sales service

G.mondini - case history Besana Group
The Italian culture and tradition of "good food" is the main value of company Besana that since 1921 has being producing and exporting all over the world dried fruit.
Their interest for international market has always marked their history and still today their objective is to bring a greater variety of products to new markets.
Today Besana Group has a production of 25,000 tons per year of Nuts, Dried Fruits and Seeds and consequently they manage 100.000.000 packs.
G.mondini - case history Besana Group
What they say about us:
"In our factories we coordinate 35 production and packaging lines for this reason we needed a reliable system, easy to use and extremely powerful."
We have realized for Besana an automatic packaging line suitable to cope with their production but always in a safe condition, keeping up with the required productivity to supply their distribution.
"We were looking for a supplier but in G.Mondini we have also found the ideal partner. We absolutely appreciate their after sales service that allowed us to create a strong partnership with their technicians for the management and continuous improvement of the packaging system. "

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G.mondini - case history Besana Group