Uitgekookt was born from the passion of the van Marle family for good and healthy food and now works from a modern and sustainable location in Ijsselmuiden. Uitgekookt delivers fresh and healthy ready meals to individual consumers on the Dutch territory, with the future aim of expanding deliveries across Europe.

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More than 300 operators contribute to the home delivery of healthy meals prepared with the best ingredients, following international and gourmet recipes. Uitgekookt's kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, to guarantee hygienic preparation of fresh and tasty meals, easily heated in the microwave. To ensure the integrity and freshness of its ready meals during deliveries, Uitgekookt has chosen MAP® technology to pack its products.

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“It is for the reliability of the equipmen, a proven solution for the line layout definition and the professional support that we have chosen G. Mondini.”

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“After the first line was delivered in August 2018 we had the opportunity to produce more efficiently and, at the same time, to grow. The production costs were lower and at the same time we had the possibility to respond to the request of the market. In 2020 we had so much production that we installed a second line in the same configuration. Now we can combine our fillers and weighers on both lines on each filling position which gives us maximum flexibility.”


The first line had to have a customised design useful for reorganising the production: thanks to the quality and reliability of the G. Mondini tray sealers, Uitgekookt was able to customise the line according to the needs and the working method, allowing the flexibility to work with all the different ingredients on the line. G.Mondini TRAVE ® -350-VG has allowed the company to work with more flexibility and efficiency, increasing productivity and, at the same time, reducing production costs. The increased production enabled the company to grow, to the point that Uitgekookt needed a second line:

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