Syros opts for G.Mondini

Syros opts for G.Mondini
Syros opts for G.Mondini
Syros, the new food specialist
Since 1992, Syros has specialized in importing and distributing avocado products. One of the most important and especially delicious uses of this tasty and healthy fruit is undoubtedly guacamole.
Syros brings the very best avocados from all over the world to Belgium and processes them using its own recipe to become one of the best tasted guacamoles and salsas on the market. Over the years it has distributed its products also outside national borders.
Innovative versatile solutions
Export market offers new opportunities for Syros production which means the demand for a new and customized packaging solution for the jars of guacamole and salsa.

"We were looking for a versatile solution that could also handle a number of specific operations: from the correctly positioning of the jars for the filling to a topping that should be added directly into the jar on top of the guacamole. After that, each jar must be hermetically sealed and in a final step it must be lidded", explains Bram Deserano, production manager at Syros N.V.

MAP technology 

Syros choose G.Mondini who made everything possible. Due also to the latest MAP technology that offers some benefits and simplifies every single operation, it allows product–to- film contact without discoloration, it provides the opportunity to continue doing a great job with a new type of packaging with the displays in a modern format.

We started from a previous configuration and improved a few adjustments to find the fine-tuning of the line to match to the needs of Syros and together we ended up with an existing installation. The maintenance costs remain under control thanks to a clean line that rarely jams and in addition, the Mondini machines consume a limited amount of compressed air and with this configuration water cooling is not necessary.