In Casademont the family tradition of three generations of butchers meets the most advanced technology in the sector to innovate and produce high quality cured meats. Since 1956, the company has grown and expanded its market, maintaining a constant commitment to the excellence and quality of raw materials.

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Today, it has more than 200 employees, 2 locations and an annual turnover of 60 million, with a production volume of 10,000 tons. The integration into the structure of the Costa Food Group has allowed the company to control the entire process, from breeding to processing the final product, guaranteeing excellence in all phases "Our philosophy has always been focused on the needs of the consumer, and we have a firm commitment to social and personal conscience, as well as to the environment. We therefore work daily to offer healthier products with high welfare meat, where animal welfare prevails. "

Thanks to G.Mondini Slicefresh® technology, Casademont was able to create an ecological packaging, made with 85% recycled cardboard, strengthening its commitment to the environment. This has allowed to reduce the waste of plastic thanks to the use of paper and monomaterials, to offer sustainable and 100% recyclable products.

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"G. Mondini's innovation has allowed us to be the first delicatessen brand to launch an Ecopack on the national market." Casademont was also very impressed with the efficiency of the assistance of G. Mondini technicians who, in addition to training employees in the use of machinery, quickly solved some technical problems in the kick off phase.

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G.Mondini's solution has allowed the company to enter the market with high value-added products: currently, Casademont is exporting to more than 70 countries around the world and to international distribution chains such as Carrefour, Penny, Edeka, Eci, Semark and Eroski.


The innovation of this packaging has generated a great interest in consumers, who increasingly care about to the environmental impact, with a purchase potential by 83% of consumers. In fact, Casademont's Natura line won the “Sabor del año 2021 Innovation” award, based both on the organic qualities of the product and the evaluation of innovation in packaging.

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