Ranobo quality, now even more sustainable

The Ranobo brand is one of the most specialist and passionate suppliers of dried fruit and nuts in the retail world.

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Its mission is to supply fresh products from all over the world with personal service and advice for each customer. In addition to our wide range of bags and compact and stackable plastic trays, Ranobo chose unique packaging with an attractive design and a sustainable heart for its beautiful BIO assortment.

For such a unique concept, they turned to the business that has made sustainability their cornerstone – G. Mondini.

"By word of mouth and through information found on the internet, we became aware of the existence of a 100% recyclable pack, made mainly of paper, with extraordinary characteristics," this is how Ranobo met G. Mondini and their celebrated Paperseal®.


"Our products, innovation, expertise and flexibility are what inspire us. We were looking for an innovative solution whose technology would optimise our production whilst guaranteeing high-quality standards."

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Ranobo was clear about its ideal pack's characteristics: first and foremost it had to be different and sustainable. They were looking for a solution to drastically reduce plastic, and Paperseal® was the perfect answer.


"G.Mondini knows how to propose, manage and install a complete line correctly and with fast delivery. The new line has 100% fulfilled our expectations."

Quality design and communication on all pack surfaces.

The food tray made with the PaperSeal® system can replace plastic SKIN or MAP trays with a barrier board. The process consists of manufacturing a tray from pre-cut and formed flat cardboard. This process reduces the use of plastic to only 10-20%, with 80-90% cardboard, and simultaneously lowers production costs and improves supply logistics, paving the way for significant growth.

"The line is automated from A to Z: denesting, automatic weighing, sealing and liner-less labelling –a complete, high quality and efficient line."

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