The perfect packaging for high quality meat

It was 1890 when the Beghetto family and the Pilotto family began working together in cattle livestock and breeding. Year after year, generation after generation, the small family business became one of the biggest Italian companies in the processing of beef meat:  today Centro Carni Company, with its big brands You & Meat, Unika, GreelSt Patrick’s Farm and Il banco del Bepi, is the leader in the boning sector, growing year after year.
Centro Carni Company process front and rear parts of veal, Heifer, adult cattle and pork, with a daily production of up to 70 tons in the boning and 1000kg/hour in frozen and processed meat sector. The prime cuts are vacuum packed, in MAP or SKIN, or processed into fresh or frozen preparations.
This is what they say about us:
"In Centro Carni Company we produce sophisticated and high quality products and we always look for new solutions to preserve the taste and the quality of our products: we were looking for a partner to cooperate with to design the perfect packaging.
We always put in the first place the safeguard of food safety and we were looking for a new packaging system to ensure long shelf life and hygiene to our products and to allow to keep the maturation process of the meat, enhancing the features of taste, tenderness and richness of the meat. G.Mondini, leader of the packaging sector with its traysealing machines for the food industry, has understood and fulfilled our request ".

For Centro Carni Company we have realized a Tray Sealer type Trave-367-VG with Darfresh® on Tray application. This vacuum skin package helps to extend the shelf life of case-ready fresh meat. This is a fully sustainable solution, this package offers 100% film utilization, meaning zero scrap and zero film waste. Additionally, this package provides excellent merchandising opportunities with premium features, such as easy-open, leak-proof and freezer-ready solutions.
"We chose G.Mondini whose professionalism has proved to be up to the excellence of our product, and thanks to the new packaging system, we have been able to increase our range of products.
This Partnership has brought us positive energy, innovation and quality. "
G.Mondini - case history - Centro Carni Company