Paperseal® conquers Fileni

The sustainability of Paperseal® conquers Fileni
Fileni Alimentare Spa is an agri-food company, leader in the organic poultry sector, producer of both white and red organic meats and ready-to-cook high quality second courses. Paramount for Fileni has always been the attention to environmental sustainability: being sustainable represents for Fileni an important responsibility, especially towards the consumer, focusing everything on the quality of its product.
Recently Fileni has increased its production range with six new products, four beef products (very selected slices, thin slices, minced and hamburger) and two pork products (sliced loin and sausages), reinforcing company's attention towards environmental issues. The products come from strictly selected farms that follow meticulous criteria according to organic methods, then slaughtered and processed in Italy with advanced processing technologies, to ensure the highest possible quality.
The requirement from Fileni for the expansion of its Bio Line was indeed to have an even more ecological pack, that could meet all the sustainability criteria without compromising the quality of the product. A real revolution in packaging for the meat sector: Paperseal® was the most effective solution to Fileni needs, thus creating an “eco-tray”, an innovative 100% recyclable paper packaging certified by PEFC and ATICELCA.
The pack is practical and with a refined design, consisting of two parts, made of two distinct materials: on the front a printed plastic film, which can be recycled in the plastic waste and the cardboard tray, which is recycled in paper waste.
The new shallow packaging has also allowed to optimize the space in the warehouse for the storage and to maximize the loads in the delivery process, this leading to a considerable reduction of the environmental impact and the waste of material.
Starting from February 2020, this new packaging has also been used for Fileni BIO white meats, thus demonstrating the flexibility of this innovative solution and Fileni's strong commitment to invest in sustainability.
"This innovation has allowed us to with even more emphasis on the issues of sustainability and attention to sustainable evolution."
Innovation and flexibility
The flexibility of G.Mondini technology has allowed the perfect insertion of the new pack in the production workflow.
Fileni has always put a lot of attention to the needs of the consumers, whose ecological sensitivity is increasing very much with regard to the correct disposal of waste: "The advantages for the consumer are many: from the immediate recognition of the product on the refrigerated shelves to - and above all - the simpler and more effective management in the differentiation of waste, always focusing on the issues related to environment and ecology. "
The new production line allows to guarantee very high added-value products to the market, starting from the ecological design of the packaging, which is something new in the meat sector, that has always been rather “traditional” in terms packaging materials and innovation.