A New Poultry Success At Al Watania

G.Mondini - A New Poultry Success At Al Watania
After a detailed and in depth analysis of the market Al Watania launch cut up poultry products in the Saudi Market with the:
“New Mondini Stretch Seal Package”

A Trave 1200 system will start full production in the coming weeks delivering a whopping 70ppm on 450gms packs with full printing of the top film. Integrated into the current cutting line the new Trave 1200 delivers a recognised performance and reliability that management at Al Watania were looking for. The slim design offers unrivalled performance achieved on a small factory footprint which was crucial for production management. The excellence of Mondini design combined with the  Platform Concept were recognised as key factors in deciding on the Trave system delivering long term flexibility on packaging technology and formats. Unique Mechanical sealing technology found on Trave Tray sealers optimised the packaging materials performance with significant savings on material costs and productivity.

Stretch Shrink Seal film combined with dedicated range of new trays allowing product protrusion displays the quality and freshness of Al Watania chicken.The strategic placement of the electrical components in a sealed cabinet in the top of the tray sealer is unique allowing thorough cleaning and optimum hygiene in a time efficient manner. A very important benefit for these new retail packs.
Technical Data

Project Name: New Fresh Chicken Package
Country: Saudi Arabia
Tray Material Type: 600micron Pet/PE

Line Description

A Trave 1200 fitted with pacer device conveys trays from existing customers belt at 70ppm on 450gm packs. The trays arrive in long edge leading configuration and are grouped in a 7 up or 6 up tool respectively. Registered generic printed stretch shrink film is unwound and all variable data is dynamically printed on each impression using 2 thermal transfer printers which areintegrated within the grouping section. Printing of the Product information and description are in Arabic and Englishlanguage, weight, bar code, traceability code and production date.
The Trave 1200 with new tool technology seals and controls the shrink tension to produce a perfectly sealed package even in contaminated conditions delivering pack security throughout the product life cycle. Clever design features created by Mondini’s experienced engineers are employed allowing ease of operator use and access for simple tool change and maintenance in a matter of minutes.