Namet the need of a packaging, to keep the record

Namet the need of a packaging, to keep the record

Namet is the leader in meat production in Turkey, delighting their consumers by 4 generations with the genuineness of their products. With their  7 plants and their 2.000 employees,  Namet is the company with the fastest growth among the 500 largest companies in the Country:  Namet has experienced a constant growth of 25% per year from 2010 on-wards.

With an average production of 60.000 tons of guaranteed and certified meat per year, Namet is known and acknowledged for the attention given to the animals and their diet, for the quality, hygiene, technology and taste of their products.

Namet was in need of a packaging system that could support the outstanding growth that the company has reached  from 2010 on-wards and their wide range of products (150 types of different meats).

G.Mondini has made this possible, with machines that also guarantee the fulfilment of the strict hygiene rules that distinguish Namet.

This is what they say about us:

"Our production is growing every day. Together with G.Mondini we have created a real packaging department.

Our products must be perfect from all points of view and that's why we have relied on the absolute leaders in the packaging."

For Namet we have produced three different Traysealers with MAP application and our packaging system with modified atmosphere contributes in slowing down the natural perishing of the product.

The shelf-life is increased and maximum integrity and quality are guaranteed, allowing a total safety in health and hygiene regulations.

"The results we have obtained and the strengthening of the packaging department have contributed to maintain our growth consistent in time.  We have found in G.Mondini the ideal partner, with whom we will definitely work again in the future, aiming at a constant improvement."