Murano spa New packaging, new horizons

G.Mondini for Fatina - Murano spa -  case history
For more than seventy years the certified quality of its products, makes Murano S.p.A. a leading company in the field of dried fruit in Italy.
Dynamic and strongly oriented to the future, the company continues investing in manufacturing and packaging technological systems, run with sophisticated IT systems that allow to preserve high quality standards.
According to Murano S.p.A. packaging plays a key role and the choice of the new Super Lock plastic packaging is the proof.
G.Mondini for Fatina - Murano spa -  case history
What they say about us:
"We are constantly trying to increase our turnover and a new packaging is part of this process. We are a historical company but we like to approach ancient traditions to modern initiatives such as the innovative Super Lock packaging: the perfect alternative to the common cans. "

"We sent our request to G.Mondini because we were looking for the best solution to optimize our production. The filling process is now helped by the fact that with Super Lock we are working with a single-material packaging. "

For Murano S.p.A. we created an installation with a high production capacity for the production of packs for peanuts, cashews and Mixed toasted and salted.

"Relying on G.Mondini well known in the food packaging market, we obtained the desired result with high performance and great flexibility keeping security as one of our main priority​.
The work done with G.Mondini was exactly what we were looking for and we even began to improve cost optimization. Another logistical advantage is the fact that Super Lock packing stacks perfectly  optimizing space in our warehouse. "
G.Mondini for Fatina - Murano spa -  case history layout
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