Mix Buffet was born from an idea of Le Hir family and the company is based in Guer, in Breton. Since 1998, it has been producing ready meals, such as salads, pizza and tasty snacks, offering consumers an increasingly gourmet, trendy and differentiated offering, paying attention to the quality of raw materials.

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The focus of the company is to propose bold tastes and original dishes, with innovative recipes, influenced by flavours from all over the world. Creativity and flexibility are the keywords of Mix Buffet products. For this reason, the company relies on G.Mondini's state-of-art technologies: the need of the company was to find a flexible solution for in-line production and speed up production without compromising the reliability and resistance of the packaging.

MAP® technology guarantees high-performance packaging that perfectly preserves food and suits to any type of product. Product safety throughout its life cycle is essential in the food sector.

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“Our need was to find a solution for working in line (dosing problems, etc.): the solutions made to the tailor-made segment were simple and effective. At the same time we needed faster machinery that would not slow down production. For this reason, G.Mondini technology is the most suitable. "

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The flexibility of G.Mondini technologies allowed to insert new lines without compromising the workflow: "The solutions provided by G.Mondini are" tailor-made ", simple and effective."


The features that have most conquered Mix Buffet are the efficiency, reliability and cleanability of the machines, a fundamental key point when handling food. In April 2013 they created a new brand Mix, for which the company needed to create a new resistant and reliable and perfectly customisable packaging, in order to guarantee the visibility of the product.

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