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We are thrilled to share the story of LACTEOS ROMAR, a historic company based in Valencia that specialises in producing traditional Iberian cheeses. LACTEOS ROMAR uses only the highest quality ingredients and maintains complete control of the production processes to guarantee excellent products, every time.

Their flagship product, cheese flan, is incredibly well known, and so they were looking for a packaging solution that would live up to its reputation and maintain product quality whilst increasing their production capacity to support their growth in the market.

Lacteos Romar

"LACTEOS ROMAR chose to rely on G.Mondini, a company with a solid reputation for its packaging lines' reliability, quality and advanced technology."

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LACTEOS ROMAR was very pleased with their collaboration with G.Mondini. The new packaging line contributed significantly to the company's success - allowing them to expand and win new customers. Thanks to their decision to partner with G.Mondini, LACTEOS ROMAR has proved to be at the forefront of the food market and continues to produce superior quality products.

The new packaging line created by G.Mondini for LACTEOS ROMAR uses an aluminium pack, which is perfect for supporting the baking process of the cake without compromising its quality. ZERO technology, patented by G.MONDINI, utilises 100% of top film – removing all skeletal waste. This saving of more than 25% of top film optimises pack cost – delivering significant cost saving. Furthermore, the production line supplied by G.Mondini delivers high performance - increasing LACTEOS ROMAR's production capacity and making the company more competitive.

Lactos Romar
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