Kaufland,  a winning cooperation since 2002

Kaufland,  a winning cooperation since 2002
Kaufland is present on the German territory and Czech Republicwith 5 factories and productive plants and with 3400 employees.
With an average of 25.000 items in every supermarket, Kaufland offers to his customers a wide range of food products, with a particular care and attention to meat, sliced products, cheese and fish.
The numbers related to the production are impressive: round about 650 tons of meat per week only in the production site in Möckmühl and in order to guarantee such extremely high performances and very accurate safety and hygiene standards, since 2002 Kaufland has been working exclusively with G. Mondini, packing all their products with MAP, Tray Skin technologies and starting from 2019 with Slimfresh®.
Innovative, sustainable and appealing packaging formats
Protection of the environment, sustainability and an ethical conduct are essential for Kaufland for a successful and long-term business. Kaufland constant commitment is to make packages by reducing as much as possible the use of plastics and the creation of innovative and appealing packaging formats, capable of satisfying the requirements of a ever-changing market from both an aesthetic and an ecological/environmental point of view.