Kaufland meets G.Mondini Paperseal

Kaufland meets G.Mondini Paperseal
Thanks to the introduction of the New Paperseal® System, Kaufland will save 125 tons of plastic per year for a single product.

The concern for the protection of the environment has always been a priority for the Schwarz Group, which has established the REset Plastic program, which provides for various implementation measures on the themes of recycling, innovation and education aimed at reducing plastics.
In this context, its supermarket chain Kaufland will introduce from September 2019 the most innovative solution by G. Mondini, the Paperseal® , which is a unique packaging system that allows the use of a cardboard container, covered with a thin recyclable plastic film for such products as cheese, fresh meats, processed meats, ready-made products, frozen foods, snacks, salads and fruit.
The system allows to easily separate the cardboard and the film, which can then be recycled separately following the instructions on the packaging.