Kalavapriikki Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2007, leader in the production of cold and hot smoked fish including salmon, trout and lake fish. Kalavapriikki products are made with the most modern technologies but respecting the traditions with passion and care, refined by years of experience.


01Ecological solution
02Hygiene features
03Increased shelf life

The company's need was to improve the efficiency of the production sector and respond to the needs of the market: for this reason, Kalavapriikki has chosen to change its packaging for a more efficient and ecological solution.

The skin technology of G.Mondini has made possible this great change: Slimfresh® responds to all the needs of the company, allowing a radical reduction in the use of plastic in favor of completely waterproof fiber-based cardboard that isolates from the cold and warm, keeping high quality standards. The cardboard is FSC certified, which means it has been produced responsibly and the origin of the packaging can be traced.

In addition to the perspective of recycling, cardboard boxes are so compact that solve logistical problems of space, taking up less space than polystyrene boxes, thus lowering transport emissions by 95%.

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"The change has had a significant impact on CO2 emissions from procurement logistics, reduced the need for storage space and facilitated the recycling of restaurants and retail stores."

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Kalavapriikki is the first finnish fish company to use these innovative cardboard packaging. The new Slimfresh® packages have better quality and shelf life, in fact the company has not registered any product returns from the shops.


Flexible solutions and high hygiene are features that are always appreciated by every company, including Kalavapriikki who, in addition to these, value the possibility to completely customise the graphics of the packaging, applying the necessary marketing strategies for new products. G.Mondini has also demonstrated its efficient customer service with a quick installation and commissioning, allowing to start production within the agreed time.

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