Innovative skin packaging for MOWI

A Partnership for Innovation
Mowi ASA is a world-leading seafood company offering healthy meals in over 70 countries, and the largest producer of farm-raised Atlantic salmon.

G.Mondini and Mowi have a well-established relationship – working together to create innovative, optimised technology solutions – with Mowi’s unrivalled knowledge of fresh salmon and G.Mondini’s continuous innovation in high-speed skin packing solutions creating a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise.
Introducing Darfresh® on Tray
When G.Mondini UK approached Mowi with a breakthrough in skin packaging, it presented a fantastic opportunity for both parties to establish an innovative skin packaging technology based on tray-sealing that extends marketing opportunities and design.

This system for fresh fish now delivers a whole new range of unique business benefits – expanding the opportunities for vacuum skin packaging within the industry.
A whole host of benefits
The G.Mondini Trave Tray-sealers consistently deliver a whole range of business benefits for Mowi:
Food Safety
  • Consistent quality
  • Reduced aerobic bacteria growth
  • Full-system approach including applications, engineering and hygiene
  • Easy to check pack integrity
Operational Efficiency
  • No skeleton film waste
  • Reduced film consumption
  • Packaging speed improvement with innovative vacuum cycle
Shelf Life Extension
  • Shelf life extension thanks to vacuum Darfresh® on Tray skin process
  • Reduction of food spoilage and waste
  • Total Darfresh® seal concept reduces drip loss
Brand Building
  • Darfresh® on Tray brand recognition and security
  • Vertical facing trays with shelf optimisation and more products on display
  • Rigid pack with attractive skin-tight product presentation
  • Efficient best-in-class, easy opening feature with liner
  • Flexibility in tray shape, material and format
These business benefits support Mowi in retaining their position as the UK’s leading seafood company – providing increased brand exposure and perception and maintaining the highest standard of product across the UK.