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G.Mondini - case history -Fiorani & C.
According to Fiorani & C. S.p.a. (Incalca S.p.A., Cremonini Group) , an Italian company that deals with the process and distribution of meat, an elevated standard of production quality cannot be achieved without a high packaging productivity.
In their factory in Piacenza, that covers an area of 60 thousand square meters, their platform for reception picking and loading, carries about 90 thousand tons of meat a year. For this reason Fiorani & C. needs to rely on a packaging system that it is suitable to cope with a high production, and that is why they relied on the experience of G.Mondini, able to provide an innovative and highly technological solution.
G.Mondini - case history -Fiorani & C.
What they say about us
"We needed to supply our needs of high packaging productivity"
The solution proposed to Fiorani & C. was TRAVE, the packaging system which combines innovation and technology.
"G.Mondini was a long time our supplier and once again they proved to be at the forefront of the latest developments in packaging systems. The advantage gained was finding the required high packing productivity. "
G.Mondini - case history -Fiorani & C.
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