Golfera chose G.Mondini solution

Golfera has chosen G.Mondini for its customized technological solutions
In Lavezzola Conselice, near Ravenna, in an area of 28,000 square meters, the Golfera company produces delicious cured meats, such as the Golfetta salami, and high quality ready meals. Thanks to G.Mondini technology, Golfera has started a new company that produces ready meals: BenFatto offers a new range of ready meals, easy to cook and incredibly good, such as delicious first courses and appetizing main courses, from authentic recipes of the Italian culinary tradition. The raw materials are of top quality, authentic Italian and carefully selected from the excellences of our land, also typical and DOP specialities.
Our Vacuum skin has solved the issues related to technology and distribution logistics: thanks to its incredible features, our pack is able to keep the products perfectly fresh , preserving the flavors and allowing the consumer to easily bring all the flavor of good Italian cuisine to its table.
Our technology was chosen for its practicality and hygiene characteristics, capable to preserve products which are subject to pasteurization processes, such as lasagna or other dairy products.
Innovative performance
Among the reasons why Golfera has chosen G.Mondini, beside the quality and flexibility of its solutions, was the ability to fully customize the design of the package, which was paramount for the company. The technology and the innovation of Vacuum Skin suits perfectly the philosophy of the Company: to allow lovers of good food to eat gourmet dishes on every occasion and quickly, so that everyone can easily enjoy high quality products.