Golden food choose G.Mondini

A winning bet - Golden food - G.Mondini case history
Golden Food is considered one of the 5 most important producers of canned vegetables and canned fruits of all Spain.
During its 30 years of business experience, what made the difference is the teamwork inside the company and also with its suppliers.
The continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and the pursuit of the highest standards of quality products has made Golden Food a Golden company, in name and in fact.
A winning bet - Golden food - G.Mondini case history
What they say about us
"We bet a lot on the production of fruit in trays. We wanted to increase our production capacity and open up to new commercial possibilities.
We relied on whom had already proven its capabilities since with G.Mondini we had already a production line. Probably their key to success was exactly the strong relationship and constant dialogue with their technicians during the project phase. "

For Golden Food we have created an installation with a high production capacity able to optimize production process, increasing food security and reducing errors and defects.
“We put a stop to the unexpected: thanks to G.Mondini failures and downtimes have been significantly reduced. However what we liked the most is the great productive capacity, the filling accuracy and the safety during cleaning process. "
A winning bet - Golden food - G.Mondini case history