G.Mondini for Avara foods

G.Mondini strengthened Hereford site capabilities
Avara Foods is one of the UK’s largest food businesses – supporting some of the biggest supermarkets and restaurants in the country.
Avara Food’s Hereford site is widely regarded as one of the UK’s most advanced manufacturing sites. To support this – Avara Foods has, in recent months, invested significantly in their Hereford factory – developing technology and facilities to further support its core customers – now and in the future.
A manual process

With the significant investment to-date, Avara Foods’ Hereford factory operates with a sophisticated robotic solution in place for weighing and packing poultry portions, but at this stage, did not have the tray-sealing capacity to match.

This resulted in a manual intervention process – with Operators manually removing and buffering trays before tray-sealing, where they would then manually reload onto the conveyor at the end of the run to allow for the reduced tray-sealing capacity on the line. Tests to run the existing tray sealer at a higher capacity resulted in reduction in product quality – with their dedication to the highest quality, this solution wasn’t viable for Avara Foods.
G.Mondini sees Avara Foods fit for the future
Following several discovery meetings where G.Mondini was able to understand Avara Food’s pain points, a strategic solution was proposed – the Trave® 384 with an in-feed dynamic pacing belt. This solution would easily process the highest output from the RoboBatcher within the same footprint as the existing slower-speed, competitor tray sealer.

In addition to increasing capacity to maximise the efficiency of the Hereford factory – due to the unique and consistent sealing mechanism of the Trave tray-sealers – maximum seal integrity and product safety was achieved. G.Mondini delivered the Trave® 384 solution with a range of quick-change tooling – providing Avara Foods with the flexibility of their previous solution, with the capacity required to support their future-fit Hereford factory, within the existing footprint.

The G.Mondini Trave® 384 in combination with the dynamic pacer belt will run up to 75 packs per minute on S2 trays with gas-flushing application – making this the highest available throughput for this machine footprint on the market.
Supporting Avara Foods in upholding their core values
Avara Foods’ require high quality machines which will allow them to increase productivity in a consistent and reliable way, so they can consistently meet their customers’ demands and deliver on their core values of offering quality and affordable food to the consumerG.Mondini has been able to support Avara Foods in upholding this core value through the reassurance of their local engineering support, standardised large spare part stock holding locally with fast delivery, fast delivery of tooling and their Advanced Preventative Maintenance Programs.
A partnership to support the industry

Richard Walden, General Manager of Operations at Avara Foods says:
“With the investment that we have been making in our Hereford site, the Trave® 384 solution from G.Mondini is the business solution that will continue to support us in delivering on the site’s objectives. I have seen the machine in action and it’s clear that we made the right decision.”

Sean Martin, Sales Director of G.Mondini adds:
“It has been incredible to be part of the development of Avara Food’s Hereford factory – the investment they are putting into this site demonstrates their commitment to providing only the best quality products, and this aligns perfectly with our own values – we look forward to continuing our partnership.”