Cruscana has chosen G.Mondini since 1993

Cruscana has chosen G.Mondini since 1993
Cruscana was born in the 1960s from an idea of ​​Denise and Gilbert Jouneau, who developed the recipe for shellfish butter based on a work by the famous Auguste Escoffier. Since then, the range has diversified considerably and nowaday it includes nearly 30 products including creams for aperitifs, tapas and sandwiches, combining gastronomic traditions and culinary innovations. The company goal has always been to reinvent the aperitif with products with innovative products and unexpected combinations, prepared using top quality ingredients, also offering consumers specific offers, such as organic and vegetable products. Cruscana's headquarters is located in Herblay, near Paris, but the Company expands its market throughout France.

Cruscana's continuous search for innovation met for the first time G.Mondini's technologies at the Interpack Fair in Dusseldorf in 1993. "We started in 1993 with a fully mechanical Mondini line that worked at 50 trays per minute, then we replaced it with the latest fully mechatronic model in 2013 for 85 trays production".
The ability to create a complete packaging line, from denesting to dosing, up to perfect heat sealing and snap closure of the lid, was the reason why Cruscana chose the innovation and reliability of G.Mondini technologies. The precision of the piston filling allows Cruscana to formulate recipes without constraints (density or pieces), choosing sealed packaging in a modified atmosphere to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the products and with the snap on lid closure preserving the food for fractionated consumption. Thermoforming would not have allowed to have the same packaging flexibility for this kind of food, produced on a single modular row to allow more installations.
Reliability makes the difference
Efficiency is essential, especially in periods of high output of products with a short shelf life: G.Mondini has kept their promise of fast and resistant machinery, with a simple installation and impeccable hygiene.
"Sometimes we use temporary workers so piloting must be easy, safety really impeccable, cleaning must be easy to do but also to check at a glance and without the risk of breakage on the machine."
Meeting the requirements of large retailers means being able to count on a line that is always operational at the lowest cost: no compressed air, few parts subject to wear, reduced downtime for maintenance, one person to guarantee production.