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Since 2000 Bioalleva srl has focused its commitment on the production of organic beef meat, over the course of time, they have also developed the pork and poultry meat supply chains, becoming a leader in organic production dedicated to the specialised retail market.



Today, there is no other 100% organic company that can offer such a wide range of products in terms of variety and quality. The main focus of BioAlleva is therefore eco-sustainability, respect for nature and its animals, ensuring with commitment and dedication a sustainable product that maintains high quality standards. For this reason, BioAlleva is always looking for new green solutions, that guarantee the preservation of the product and offer a different design solution. These needs are perfectly combined with the packaging solutions designed by G.Mondini. Paperseal® is in fact the first technology to offer an eco-sustainable solution and it is also capable to adapt to the different BioAlleva products.

Not only BioAlleva, but also the consumer perceives the value of eco-sustainability and practicality in recycling. The focus remains on the quality of the product. In fact, the renewed method of preserving the product maintains the necessary high moisture content.

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"Paperseal® was chosen because it has an attractive design and guarantees the quality and conservation standards Paperseal® was chosen because it has an attractive design and guarantees the quality and conservation standards of the product categories marketed. It solves the problem of plastic packaging and the tests carried out reveal a great favor from customers, allowing us to considerably reduce plastic consumption. "

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The last obstacle was to find a tray for fresh meat on the market, as being a moist and delicate product, they require certain technical measures and high quality standards.

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Paperseal® has proved to be the winning solution therefore not only thanks to its very high eco-compatibility, but also because it has such a degree of customisation that it is the right choice for companies that want to keep up with times: the innovative design of the fully customised cardboard packaging helps to differentiate yourself in a saturated market. In the tests carried out, it immediately met the favor of consumers and shopkeepers, who appreciate the new production line, enphasising design, quality and durability. Practicality is also a key point, in fact Paperseal® allows a better possibility of product storage. Awareness of the help provided to the environment, even in small daily gestures, which with the purchase of the new BioAlleva products line produce less waste, less plastic, contributes to the reduction of the environmental impact.

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