Aoste, a guarantee of taste by Slicefresh

Aoste, a guarantee of taste by Slicefresh®
Aoste is a Belgian company that has been producing high quality meat products since 1976, such as Cooked ham, poultry, vegetarian slices, guaranteed by the best ingredients, expertise and careful preparation. Aoste products are genuine, without unnecessary additives, such as nitrites, dyes and flavors, replaced by vegetable alternatives, such as salt and spices that can ensure conservation, with a focus on an optimal taste experience.
Aoste pays attention to animal welfare, committing for years to use for its products only meat with the Beter Leven quality brand, in close partnership with the Belgian animal organization GAIA, extending these high quality standards to its entire range of production.

One of the most important values ​​of the company is environmental sustainability, which leads the company to finding increasingly efficient solutions to offer a sustainable alternative to an improper use of plastic: our Slicefresh® technology was the most suitable choice for the company's needs. The introduction of the new packaging means 31 tons of plastic less per year, as it is made up of 80% rigid cardboard, thus containing 60% less plastic than before. The use of plastic in the new pack is minimal, which is used only to ensure the freshness of the product, also removing the label on the back of the pack to ensure absolute recycling of the paper tray.
Innovative, sustainable, convenient.
Over 70% of consumers are looking for sustainable solutions to make a difference in a world where plastics must be avoided as much as possible.
Another need for Aoste was to differentiate its packaging, to distinguish it from traditional packaging both in terms of shape and material used, finding its own personal identity, increasing its relevance in a long-term perspective.

“G. Mondini was able to help us in searching for the optimal and most efficient solution that could match our needs and helped us in building a strong business case. The consumer feedback on this new packaging innovation has been very positive and we are convinced that reducing the use of unrecyclable plastics is one of the several ways available to increase the impact of our Brand on the consumers, who are always more and more focused on a more sustainable offer”