Achieving Success With Partnership, Collaboration and Understanding


In looking for a project partner to supply a new filling and packing system at Stryhns AS's facilities in Graasten, Denmark the company chose G Mondini S.p.A as it’s partner.

Keld Nielsen (Production and Logistics Director of Stryhns Grasten) was clear why he chose G Mondini as his partner “After much deliberation we chose the Mondini solution as we believe they had the right company mindset, technical knowledge and experience to deliver the demanding technical specifications we needed for our new range of salads.



The project requirements were challenging in asking for a high speed flexible filling packing line that could handle a diverse range of products and new style toppings for

  • Mackerel salads topped with mayonnaise and with toppings 

  • Mayonnaise based salads with toppings 

  • Minced ham with topping of mayonnaise and chives. 

The engineering tasks were significant in delivering high-speed “140 packs per minute" while providing maximum flexibility to change completely form one product to another in less than 10 minutes minimizing product losses. Flexibility in packaging format and materials was a key consideration allowing Stryhns Grasten to utilize the latest packaging material technology in delivering a unique market leading pack.


A key challenge was how to apply the range of topping that make these new products unique and interesting. It was here the two companies set a new benchmark on partnership, collaboration and understanding. Each brought their skills and knowledge enthusiastically that led to ground-breaking innovations in the system. The challenge to configure a solution that accurately dispenses each topping as per the stringent requirements from marketing was delivered in full.


This approach brought significant rewards in other areas


  • Pioneering engineering in accuracy of filling across the range of products

  • Zero impact on the product quality when passing through the system

  • Design and engineer the offer so it can operate safely and efficiently with one operator for 7 days a week production.


At the start and all during the project hygiene was a clear non-negotiable objective considered at every stage and in every detail of the project.

  1. The equipment must be designed for easy cleaning. 

  2. The equipment must be designed for easy maintenance and repair.
  3. The equipment must be designed without sharp corners or edges. 

  4. The equipment must be designed so as to prevent retention of food particles. 

  5. The equipment must be designed so as to prevent the accumulation of water and detergents. 

  6. During cleaning it must be possible to set the equipment to different cleaning positions to allow proper cleaning of all parts and components of the equipment. 

  7. The equipment must be as easily accessible as possible. Guards and screens should be minimized to what is necessary and must not hinder efficient cleaning of the equipment. Where appropriate, guards and screens must be removable during cleaning/disinfection either by opening or unhinging them. 


In these areas G Mondini experience and expertise was crucial in meeting the clearly stated requirements. At the heart of the system is the new “Trave Platform Technology” built into our tray sealers this explicit need was well covered in an agreeable and full way.


As Mark Twain once said, “Few things are harder to put with than the annoyance of a good example” we sincerely believe he is correct as the collaboration between Stryhns Grasten and G Mondini S.p.A. proves. Since the installation and launch of these new products Stryhns have seen the sales of these products increase year on year with around (10%) growth per year. A true test of any project success is always in the final result “SALES”.


With its long history, the name Stryhns has almost become an institution in Danish food production. Since 2008 Stryhns, along with Graasten Salads AS, is part of the family-owned Norwegian food group Agra under the group name Stryhns AS.


We manufacture and market brands Stryhn's pâté, Graasten salads, remoulades and dressings and Langelænder sausages. All brands with a long history of consistent, high quality, good taste and not least a love of good food, which for generations has made us a part of Danish everyday life.