Platformer Plus

This new system is the next step evolution of the successful PLATFORMER tray manufacturing system.

The new PLATFORMER PLUS® is skilfully designed to expand the scope and flexibility of this unique technology delivering a range of new benefits.

Minimal Footprint - High Output
1 600kg rolls for efficiency in production.
2 Unique male/female cutting system for perfect smooth edges.
3 Rotating drum to control precise heat and temperature distribution across film before vacuum forming.
4 High speed Automatic Tray Stacking fitted to PLATFORMER.
5 Vacuum and pressure forming for perfect tray definition, transparency with lip forming on seal flange and A&B de-stack technology

Jumbo Unwind

Independent unwinding unit and trolley for use with extra large rolls of film.

Cutting Station

Unique mechanical cam system to cut exact length of required plastic. Low maintenance design highly efficient process giving stability and reliability.

Rotating Drum

Rotating heated drum for precise temperature control of cut plastic sheets for forming.

Tray Forming

Vacuum & pressure forming technology for perfect seal flange and AB de-stack.

Tray Stacking

High speed Automatic Tray Stacking fitted to PLATFORMER.

  • Jumbo Reels up to 600kg rolls or 1000mm
  • Unique system to cut length of plastic to exact tray dimensions. Jumbo reels are supplied in Platformer Plus pre-determined width
  • Rotating heating drum for precise heat distribution before vacuum forming
  • Vacuum forming with Lipform technology and AB tray stacking features
  • Dual lane automatic Tray Stacking fitted to Platformer Plus
  • Designed to operate independently with one operator
  • Integration into customer internal logistics and supply chain
  • Efficiency for long production runs reducing downtime
  • Reduces plastic wastage to below 2% saving money and environmental impact
  • Reduce cycle time optimising machine output with flawless forming and tray quality
  • Fabricates high-quality tray to run seamlessly across all high speed denesters and tray sealers
  • Continuous high speed hygienic production Stacking unit matched to capacity requirements
  • Capable to be sited in clean area for continuous production
  • Replaces costly storage and double handling of pre made trays from external supplier
Unique selling points
  • Outstanding quality trays
  • Perfect sealing flange
  • Denest features for all systems
  • Freedom in tray design and colour
  • Suitable for MAP, VSP, Thermosealing
  • Reduction in total cost of tray
  • Range of PET & rPET materials
  • Flexibility in material supply
  • Minimal process waste < 2%
  • Easy format change
  • Integration into customer logistics
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