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IFFA 2022 - The World’s Leading Trade Fair

We invite you to join us to celebrate 50 years of continuous tray sealing innovation and excellence in engineering design.

Situated in Hall 11.1 - No B60 we will be demonstrating our latest ideas and innovations in packaging systems that create value for our customers.

Giovanni Mondini founded the company in 1972 delivering security, performance, flexibility, and specialist packaging experience to food markets all over the world. His philosophy of listening carefully to customers and understanding their needs has steered the unique G.Mondini approach for tray sealing systems design.This, combined with a philosophy to build robust cleverly engineered tray sealers with unrivalled efficiency and ease of operation, has earned G.Mondini a truly global reputation. Our steadfast dedication to innovation is the core of everything we do at G.Mondini and our unique 360° customer approach is at the heart of our latest cutting-edge solutions on show at IFFA 2022.

Through intelligent engineering and simplicity in design, we have managed to bring automation to a new level of effectiveness in tray sealing solutions. By reducing the need for human involvement, our new systems deliver customer security with enriched performance and a new level of flexibility to meet the demands and trends of the 21st century global meat market. Every customer is special; we highly value the trust and partnership we build together to achieve sustainable business, always with your products and customers as our focus. This business model to create value through ideas has driven us for the last 50 years and is our inspiration for the next 50 years. REGISTER TO SEE DOCUMENTS