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FRUITLOGISTICA Exhibition 2020

FRUITLOGISTICA Exhibition 2020 in Berlin from 5th to 7th February, Hall 7.1b Stand A-08

This new Paperseal® system expands food manufacturers opportunities to replace MAP and VSP plastic trays with barrier lined cardboard. In a one step process a MAP tray from a pre-cut flat cardboard is formed, and a barrier liner automatically applied. The system is based on the same benefit stream as Mondini's Thermosealer technology where the fabricating of trays is conducted directly before the tray sealing process. Through value engineering and clever pack design G.Mondini has constructed a cardboard tray system that is easily integrated into current packaging lines giving:
• Safety. Unique process to generate perfect sealing surface. Guaranteed state of the art seal integrity equal to traditional plastic packaging.
• Flexibility. Availability of different liners and paperboards offers technical solutions to suit any product. Presented for Top Seal, Modified Atmosphere and Vacuum Skin formats. Recommended for cheese, fresh meats, processed meats, ready-made products, frozen foods, snacks, salads and fruit.
• Full branding. 360° communication on all surfaces of the package. High quality graphics for premium branding design. Flexibility on communications format – Printing and/or labelling.
• Less plastic. It reduces plastic content by up to 80%. Liner forming station with ZERO® technology eliminates all process waste. Easy separation of liner and paperboard for simple and efficient recycling at end of life.
• Minimum size maximum skills. Trays delivered as flat boards significantly reduce distribution and storage costs vs premade trays; liner forming with ZERO waste technology optimises cost of final package. Reduced inventory with availability of smaller purchase quantities.

We are pleased to invite you to spend time with us at the FRUITLOGISTICA Exhibition,Hall 7.1b Stand A-08 where we can demonstrate how MONDINI Tray Sealers and Solutions can have a positive impact and deliver benefits to your business.

FRUITLOGISTICA Exhibition 2020