NEURAL S Vision quality control

NEURAL S Vision quality control

The Vision System is an integrable or stand-alone module perfectly compatible with your existing lines or G.MONDINI lines. The Vision System increases skin pack product compliance and reduces labour through artificial intelligence.

1 Deep Learning
Non-destructive inspection at high throughput via deep learning algorithms that allow qualitative inspections at high speed, accuracy and reliability. Our stand-alone unit is designed for nondestructive skin pack inspection - ensuring final pack integrity and delivering full product compliance.

2 Your benefits
  • Reduce labour intensity with less personnel.
  • Flexibility: one unit for mutliple products compliance.
  • Independence from operator’s experience.
  • Fast integration.

3 Artificial Intelligence
The camera can be trained to recognize a variety of final skin pack defects ranging from product positioning, presence of foreign objects, lack of vacuum that can be correctly classified according to a sufficient number of samples and the recognition of other types of defects can be implemented according to your needs.