Mission Statement

We are committed to providing dynamic tray sealing systems and solutions
based on innovation, quality, experience and performance that deliver secure
packages to all our customers and their customers.

Our Values


Tray sealing technology is the heart of our business.

From stand-alone tray sealers, to complex multi component lines, our values are evident.;


The unique construction of G.Mondini Tray Sealers delivers
unrivaled sealing quality and ensures product integrity
throughout its functional life.


50 years of experience means we understand the
Tray Sealing process, what questions to ask, what will work
and how to dominate the fine detail that makes the difference.


Driven by the G.Mondini Platform® Technology, the
Trave® Tray Sealer range delivers world-leading line speeds,
without compromise on performance and pack security.


Designed with flexibility in mind, the Platform Technology
provides a host of features allowing our customers to quickly respond
to changing market demands.

Company Strategy

We will continue to grow our business and our leadership position in tray sealing packaging systems where we will

1. Deliver value through our unique approach to customers projects and opportunitites

2. Demonstrate and prove where our technology has clear competitive advantages

3. Build disciplined, qualified experienced teams to support our solutions and products at our customers 
We will deliver growth through 4 strategic pillars

Continuosly develop our core tray sealing systems to be the best in class in all areas of performance, flexibility, security and safety


Encourage and build a collaborative mindset in our people towards our customers and stakeholders in each project
Relentlessly drive innovation in tray sealing packaging solutions that deliver real benefits to our customers
Invest in our global capability to manage and implement value adding projects at our customers