success story


G.Mondini 02 March 2022
The new PLATFORMER PLUS technology revolutionizes the tray forming concept with exceptional quality.
G.Mondini 01 March 2022
Today the G.Mondini #team celebrates #Carnival, having breakfast with some delicious "chiacchiere", always packed in a completely sustainable pack. 
G.Mondini 24 February 2022
OEE is the ratio of Fully Productive Time to Planned Production Time. The objective of the OEE program is to reduce/eliminate the most common causes of ...
G.Mondini 23 February 2022
This tray sealing system enhances sliced product quality and presentation for optimum customer satisfaction.
G.Mondini 22 February 2022
Up to 80% less plastic Paper fully and easily separated from plastic. All the benefit of skin packing to improve...
G.Mondini 21 February 2022
50 years' of experience in tray sealing design and technology has provided us with unique ideas to develop tool technology that forms the perfect ...
G.Mondini 15 February 2022
Today we celebrate the brand new G.Mondini Technology: Downgauge. It can be applied to SKIN packaging. Downgauge allows you to create ...
G.Mondini 11 February 2022
Today we celebrate the brand new PaperSeal Former, with a compact design and high performance made to form PaperSeal at the speed of light.