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G.Mondini 21 March 2022
It's impossible not to mention G.Mondini when it comes to sustainable packaging concepts. Find out more [...]
G.Mondini 18 March 2022
Reduce plastic with the Wedge solution! The innovative PaperSeal Wedge tray offers the opportunity to replace [...]
G.Mondini 14 March 2022
Convenience meets high speed and flexibility - delivering on the most demanding customer applications.
G.Mondini 11 March 2022
Slicefresh : building on the success of Slimfresh this new system was developed and launched to bring the benefits of using flat cardboard supports to ...
G.Mondini 10 March 2022
The Case Ready Line - where innovation in packaging design, flexibility, productivity and pack security meet sustainability.
G.Mondini 08 March 2022
Slimfresh reduces plastic content by up to 80% in the vacuum skin market. Combining a fully printed flat cardboard support with high barrier liner and vacuum skin ...
G.Mondini 07 March 2022
When G.Mondini UK approached Mowi with a breakthrough in skin packaging, it presented a fantastic opportunity for both parties to establish an innovative skin ...
G.Mondini 03 March 2022
Skin Technology is where in the upper film enclose both the product and its tray, fitting around it like a second skin.