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G.Mondini 18 February 2021
Paperseal®: the green smart generation. This new system expands the opportunities to replace MAP and VSP plastic trays with barrier lined cardboard. The process operates by fabricating a MAP tray from a pre-cut flat cardboard, which is formed and a barrier liner automatically applied in one step process.
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G.Mondini 17 February 2021
A joint development between G Mondini and Sealed Air Cryovac® to extend the proven benefits of the Darfresh® on Tray vacuum skin system onto the tray sealing Platform.
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G.Mondini 12 February 2021
The advantages for the consumer are many: from the immediate recognition of the product on the refrigerated shelves to - and above all - the simpler and more effective management in the differentiation of waste, always focusing on the issues related to environment and ecology.
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G.Mondini 04 February 2021
Installation and commissioning of each G. Mondini machine is carried out by our highly trained and experienced technicians who are responsible for ensuring every detail of the machinery is in perfect working order. There are 5 principle steps we follow to ensure smooth and complete customer satisfaction. 
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G.Mondini 02 February 2021
ZERO® perfect modified atmosphere packaging on Trave Platform Tray Sealer.
✔️  New tool technology eliminates all top film waste.
✔️  Maximum flexibility with Trave Platform Technology.
✔️  Optimised pack cost delivering significant savings.

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G.Mondini 29 January 2021
Trave defines who we are, to lead innovative developments driving the future in tray sealing technology and this is the new dedicated video animation.
1. Unrivalled attention to detail
2. Smart space design with minimal machine footprint
3. Robust construction with optimised performance
4. PLATFORM Technology - Future ready
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G.Mondini 26 January 2021
Platformer new technology revolutionizes the concept of tray forming. Depending on market conditions, customer demands and needs of the business, processors will have full flexibility to choose whichever solution is most beneficial to them at the time, even the skin solutions.
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G.Mondini 21 January 2021
Designed to show the appearance and quality of the products, Darfresh® on tray protruding reduces packaging but still maintains all the benefits of Darfresh® on tray system with a product protrusion above the flange of the tray.
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