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G.Mondini 23 May 2022
Maximum flexibility and simplicity with minimum change and investment. Introducing ONE4ALL - G.Mondini's brand new tooling concept which  [...]
G.Mondini 20 May 2022
Darfresh® on Tray, now combined with the brand new Downgauge technology, provides the lightest pack - reducing plastic and lowering taxation [...]
G.Mondini 18 May 2022
It's time to celebrate G.Mondini's 50th Anniversary! 50 years serving our customers. 50 years committed to continuous innovation and customer [...]
G.Mondini 11 May 2022
Introducing the new Trave® eMAP Tray Sealer - designed specifically to optimize and improve the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) process [...]
G.Mondini 05 May 2022
The G.Mondini MBL loader can load Mince and Burgers up to 360 burger/min with 98% accuracy. The MBL sets new standards for [...]
G.Mondini 04 May 2022
Here is the Crate Loader: it' s an end-of-line solution - either as a stand-alone module or integrating seamlessly with your existing line or G.Mondini [...]
G.Mondini 03 May 2022
Increase product compliance with labour reduction through artificial intelligence with the brand new Neural-S [...]
G.Mondini 01 May 2022
Introducing the brand new Cigno - efficiency at the heart of this new development to deliver a technologically advanced MAP Tray-sealer [...]