success story


G.Mondini 26 September 2022
Slimfresh®, with its vacuum-sealed pack, removes oxygen and keeps freshness - prolonging shelf life. It reduces plastic content by up to 80% [...]
G.Mondini 19 September 2022
When the upper film enclose both the product and its tray, fitting around it like a second skin, several advantages can be gained [...]
G.Mondini 16 September 2022
US FDA considers fresh fish and seafood products potentially life threatening due to the possibility of producing deadly toxins [...]
G.Mondini 15 September 2022
Maximum flexibility and simplicity with minimum change and investment. ONE4ALL is the G.Mondini's brand new tooling concept [...]
G.Mondini 12 September 2022
Celebrating the brand new PaperSeal Former, with its compact design and high performance, created to form PaperSeal® [...]
G.Mondini 08 September 2022
Cigno: the essential, ingenious and original compact tray sealer. Efficiency is at the heart of this [...]
G.Mondini 06 September 2022
SIMPLE. FAST. FRESH. - introducing the new TRAVE fresh tray sealer - designed specifically for the Fresh Produce industry [...]
G.Mondini 05 September 2022
Slicefresh: building on the success of Slimfresh this new system was developed and launched to bring the benefits [...]