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G.Mondini 15 April 2021
Here's the Pet Food Line. Years of experience and understanding in systems integration to create secure packaging, with no compromise of performance or design.
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G.Mondini 13 April 2021
Slimfresh®, combining a fully printed flat cardboard support with a thin high barrier liner and Darfresh® on Tray technology, opening new opportunities in pack styling, merchandising and communication.
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G.Mondini 09 April 2021
SLICEFRESH®: Building on the success of SLIMFRESH® this system was developed and launched to bring the benefits of using flat cardboard supports to sensitive sliced products packaged in MAP® such as processed meat and cheese.
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G.Mondini 07 April 2021
Here's the Convenience Line, a system built to surpass and surprise. No compromise of performance or security.
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G.Mondini 03 April 2021
Wishing everyone to celebrate a Happy and Blessed Easter.
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G.Mondini 01 April 2021
Trave defines who we are, to lead innovative developments driving the future in tray sealing technology.
✅  Unrivalled attention to detail
✅  Smart space design with minimal machine footprint
✅  Robust construction with optimised performance
✅  PLATFORM Technology - Future ready

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G.Mondini 31 March 2021
BioAlleva is always looking for new green solutions, which guarantee the conservation of the product and offer a different design solution: the Paperseal® packaging solution is in fact the first technology to offer an eco-sustainable solution and is also able to adapt to the different BioAlleva products.
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G.Mondini 29 March 2021
Thanks to G.Mondini Slicefresh® technology, Casademont was able to create an ecological packaging, made with 85% recycled cardboard, strengthening its commitment to the environment. This has allowed to reduce the waste of plastic thanks to the use of paper and monomaterials, to offer sustainable and 100% recyclable products.