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We are pleased to invite you to spend time with us at the All4PackHall 5/A Stand F037 in Paris from 21st to 24th November 2022.

2022 is a special year for the company, which celebrates 50 years since its foundation; 50 years of success and innovation, which have made G.Mondini a leader in the food packaging sector, boasting, today, more than 16.000 plants distributed all over the world. G.Mondini S.p.A. is the world reference company for the production of complete lines for dosing and packaging of food products. From the most complex and complete line for production and packaging of "case ready" to the single closing machine in simple vacuum or modified atmosphere, the offer of G.Mondini does not fear comparisons in terms of quality and reliability.

What we learn shapes our innovation pipeline, to provide the best and the most suitable solutions.Thanks to this approach, combined with the desire to revolutionize the market by integrating respect for the Planet into the production processes, G.Mondini has designed a wide range of solutions, able to reduce the environmental impact. The goal has always been to perfect the sealing of the tray, significantly reducing the waste of packaging material, but also to propose high-performance alternatives to traditional trays, by breaking down the ratio of plastic per kg of product.

Anniversary Celebration Anniversary Celebration


from 1972 to 2022

Discover G.Mondini history 50th anniversary video

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Anniversary Celebration