THE ESSENTIAL: ingenious and original

Efficiency at the heart of this new development to deliver a technologically advanced MAP tray-sealer machine delivering maximum effectiveness through lean design and accessibility.
Thanks to the new unmatched project design, Cigno is a straightforward tray sealer solution delivering outmost of mechanical efficiency and following key benefits across food industry segments.

New Generation Compact Tray Sealer
1 Compact design, reduced footprint: 1.6m versus 4m (industry standard).
2 Essential engineering:
no vacuum pump, no compressed air.
3 NO compromise on quality and product shelf-life achieved Ensuring required product shelf-life for application where O2>1% as Vacuum/gas process.
4 Lean design:
  • Uncompromised safety standard thanks to
  • Accessibility
  • Highest hygiene standard for Easy clean
  • Format change with no spanner and no trolley
5 Reduced complexity bringing huge advantages in term:
  • Easy of use
  • Accessible skill level, minimum training required
  • Intuitive functioning
Cigno will adapt to all food industry market requirements in term of flexibility