System Construction

System Construction

The G Mondini approach to designing and engineering tray sealing systems is centred around our unique technology. Our philosophy is to build reliable, sustainable and robust machines which are mechanically based to deliver flexibility and control of the packaging process.

This means we can always find the right combination of unique design and performance achieving the perfect balance of economic benefit and sustainability.

The Connection with the Customer is Essential

At G Mondini our approach to understanding our customer's thinking, needs and requirements is essential. It is a total company approach involving everyone in the company from Technical Sales to Research & Development . This means we cover all the critical points a packaging line must address;

  1. The product to be packed and control at point of packing​
  2. Profiling of the product throughout the process to ensure maximum shelf life
  3. Understanding all of the physical characteristics of the products such as viscosity, density and volume
  4. The production environment the machinery will operate in
  5. Type of packaging technology and the relationship with packaging materials
  6. The production capacity in packs per minute and kg of product produced per shift

Once the key parameters of the project are established we create a first draft proposal of the solution to discuss with the customer. At this stage we fine tune the details covering critical areas of operation from tray handling and loading to product flow and interaction with other equipment in the line with the flexibility to handle different packaging technologies or materials.

Once these technical specifications are agreed the line can be handed over to production ready for delivery in the agreed timeframe.

The G Mondini approach is to create the perfect pack without compromise.

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