Vacuum skin

Tray sealing Skin packaging technology delivers vacuum packs (i.e. a package from which the partial pressure of atmospheric gases has been reduced) where the product is enclosed between a tray/support and a top film which covers the product like a second skin.

The Vacuum Skin Process within the tray sealing technology, provides a perfect vacuum pack with a full seal around the product, delivering an outstanding pack presentation without product squeezing and enhanced product visibility, while preserving colour, flavour and freshness.

Thanks to its characteristics and the absence of oxygen in the pack, skin packaging avoids drip loss, extends shelf life for packers and retailers with extended selling days (at least doubled shelf-life versus MAP), decreases food waste, maintains product quality and ensures pack integrity.

Skin packaging is the new benchmark reference for protein case ready retail packaging, allowing meat maturation in the pack, preventing discolouration over time and giving full protection for frozen applications with no freezer burns.

Skin packaging also delivers important logistic and distribution benefits, with a perfect pack appearance over time thanks to the top film keeping the product in place, an hermetic leak proof pack, and its reduced pack volume (up to 40% less versus MAP) allowing cube optimisation, more pack per box and in the retail case, making it the perfect pack for an omnichannel approach.

G.Mondini can provide standard vacuum skin technology solutions and the unique Darfresh on Tray® thanks to the exclusive partnership with Sealed Air. Both can run with a variety of tray type, shape, materials and different level of protrusion.

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