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Since the 70’s, food and beverage organisations have understood how vital packaging can be in keeping food fresh and in hygienic conditions, ensuring it is easily transportable, for a safe and efficient supply chain.

Tray sealing technology has been the first step towards packaging food with the primary objective to deliver hermetic packs with headspace in ambient atmosphere, avoiding leakers and protecting food from environmental pollution.

G. Mondini's heat sealing packaging solutions are delivered through tray sealing machines that apply plastic film lids to trays of multiple materials (plastic, board, aluminium, ceramic, glass), sizes and depths.

It is because of this versatility and flexibility that top seal is the optimal packaging solution for a variety of applications, delivering the fastest packaging process when more sophisticated packaging solutions (like MAP or vacuum) are not required. Top sealing is the best choice for frozen products when short and fast supply chain and consumption is present (food service, snack on the go, back store) or when dictated by regulatory requirements.

G. Mondini offers a wide range of Trave top seal equipment at high speed, including stretch seal lidding application with standard product protrusion or super-protrusion, as well as valve application.

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