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Trave Sinfonia®Introducing game-changing technology​

This cutting-edge system provides unparalleled control over the production line - the result of years of research and development aimed at improving the speed and precision of manufacturing processes.

Our concept pushes the machine to the limit, delivering:

  • Maximum OEE​
  • Maximised automation​
  • Highest ever throughput
  • New concept of flexibility for high-speed lines

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Trave Sinfonia®

Delivering the best possible system to achieve the highest OEE for our customers

With Trave Sinfonia®, each tray is precisely controlled in position, velocity and acceleration - allowing the most accurate handling of the product. The benefits of this breakthrough technology include a significant increase in productivity and the unmatched flexibility to accommodate a wide range of products.

Whether you're looking to streamline your operations or achieve greater control over your production line, Trave Sinfonia® is the answer.

  • Pioneering Innovations in tray sealing technology
  • Creative Engineering delivers new levels of Performance
  • Enhanced tooling design for seamless tool changeover
Key benefits delivered by no transitions, no guides, no pacers, no friction-based transfer.

Precision and system Security.


New levels of Speed and Performance.


Unrivalled Flexibility.

The Trave Sinfonia® uses a magnetic rail to carry around independent trolleys - the Nests - which can be controlled with pinpoint accuracy via software.

In order to achieve our goals of flexibility, speed, precision and control, we have incorporated the magnetic transport system into our machine. With this cutting-edge technology, our manufacturing processes are optimised for maximum efficiency and adaptability.

The magnetic rail allows complete control and customisation of the tray movement , ensuring that each tray is delivered to its destination with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

This innovative technology has enabled us to meet the demands of even the most complex production lines, providing our customers with a reliable and efficient solution for their manufacturing needs.

1. New magnetic rail system to control motion of each independent tray nest.

2. Control and speed are achieved with pinpoint accuracy via intelligent software.

The Trave Sinfonia® guarantees enhanced production with reduced machine complexity and footprint:

  • No belts
  • No pusherarms
  • Simplified bottom tool
  • Perfect tray control

The Trave Sinfonia® works in harmony with the magnetic rail, with the Nest being the central processing unit of the entire system; this improves the typical performance of the standard tray sealers, reducing the transition points and increasing the control on each single tray.


Packaging science, technology and equipment is at the heart of the food industry. Retailer and consumer demands are evolving and changing on a regular basis challenging suppliers to meet these new demands effectively and timely with innovative cost effective solutions.

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With G.Mondini's Trave Sinfonia®, achieving excellent results for any product type is assured. Its innovative technology guarantees superior performance across diverse sectors.

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