Weber Innovation Days 2018 Bacon & Ham

G.Mondini SpA will take part to Weber Innovation Days 2018 Bacon & Ham event in Breidenbach Germany, from 6 to 8 November.
G. Mondini have been designing Tray Sealing Solutions for over 45 years. We are the recognised world leader dedicated to engineering excellence and quality.
Our focus is on working in partnership with customers to provide solutions delivering real benefits, improving profitability and reducing packaging costs.
The TRAVE range of tray sealers combined with the innovative patented PLATFORM technology are industry leaders. This gives the possibility to operate different packaging technologies, formats and materials through simple tool change.
TRAVE’s unique hygienic design, quality of construction and ease of operation achieves an unrivalled flexibility and performance without compromise.
The combination of the mechanical lifting system and unique tool design is at the heart of each TRAVE tray sealer delivering unmatched control over each stage of the packaging process giving secure packages every cycle.

For more info about registration, accommodation and directions about the event visit:
Weber Innovation Days 2018 Bacon & Ham