ALL 4 Pack 2018

We are pleased to invite you to join the G. Mondini team during the ALL 4 Pack in Paris from 26th to 29th November 2018. The booth is situated in Stand 6J 036 and during this Event G. Mondini will demonstrate our traysealer TRAVE-340-VG from PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY®, with Darfresh® on Tray application. We will show the Darfresh® on Tray System : the technology developed by G.Mondini and Sealed Air which delivers unique advantages i.e. no skeleton film waste, output increase, shelf life extension and amazing pack appearance. Darfresh® on Tray System will run on premade 15D Trays.
During the exhibition it will also be possible to visit the Packforum by van (5min) where you will see our traysealer TRAVE-367-VG from PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY®, with Darfresh® on Tray application for Slimfresh®.  G. Mondini Slimfresh® system combining the leading technology of Darfresh® on Tray with unique laminated paperboards to create new business opportunities, which are accomplished through the immediate differentiation of your products on the shelves.
On G. Mondini booth you will find a full complement of our people whose experience and expertise will be available to discuss with you and our customers any project.
Throughout the booth and the Packforum you will find a wide variety of samples demonstrating the PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY® capabilities and our experience in handling any project, from the smallest to the largest and most complex challenge.
In these single lines you will see and understand how one packaging line can change the packaging world, delivering a multitude of different packaging formats from one single unit.